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The Joys of Buying an Older Home

My dream home was not new construction in a planned community. It was a rambling old structure in a neighborhood that was beginning to recover after years of decline. I got the place for a song and started in on all the tasks associated with restoring it to new glory. I soon found there was a lot to do. While the house was sound, it needed to be fumigated after several years of standing vacant. All the tile needed replacing, and the floors cried out for refinishing. Little by little, I got the place ready for me to move in. Today, I like to think it is the nicest home on the block. If you are thinking of buying a fixer-upper, try my tips. From redoing the wallpaper to choosing the right pest control service, what I learned will save you a lot of time and trouble.



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Five Fresh Ideas For Giving Flowers To Younger Friends

Flowers always make a nice gift and are an excellent way to commemorate someone on their special day. Floral arrangements can be modified to make them the perfect remembrance for a younger person or a child, which can be helpful when seeking an affordable gift or when you may not know what the child is "in-to". Young children will admire and enjoy the gift, plus it will be unlike anything else that they receive from others.

Some unique ways to display fresh flowers that make excellent gifts for young friends include:

1. Toy trucks.

It is easy to find an old toy dump truck at summer yard sales or thrift stores. These make an excellent way to give a lovely arrangement of flowers, and can be enjoyed long after the flowers have faded. Simply cut a brick of wet floral foam to set in the bed of the truck, secure with a bit of tape, and use this to support the stems of daisies, chrysanthemums, and greens.

2. Rain boots.

A fun idea for someone who is under the weather or in the hospital is to fit an old rubber rain boot with a brick of dampened floral foam. Slide it down in the boot, no need for tape, and use it to secure long branches and stems of sunflowers, lilies, and eucalyptus. These are easy to handle and transport, too.

3. A pineapple.

A pineapple makes an exotic and fun arrangement that kids love! Cut the fruit below the stem and hollow out the bottom to hold a piece of wet floral foam and add ferns, daisies, or tulips. These also make great centerpieces for tropical-themed parties or events.

4. A soda-can.

If your recipient enjoys a cold soda, they will love the soda-can inspired arrangement that you can easily create yourself. Remove the top from the can with an opener and smooth or sand any rough edges. Add a small, fitted piece of wet floral foam and insert tulips, lilac, or Gerber daisies.

6. Seashells.

Kids love the beach, and shells are easy to find for floral arrangements. There are many different ways that you can create a child-friendly gift using flowers and shells. Try these ideas:

  • Use a larger shell for your base, fitting it with a small piece of wet floral foam and taping it in securely. Insert short flowers to cover the foam and add a few tall stems for drama.

  • Use a clear fishbowl or glass vessel and fill will shells of various sizes and shapes. Insert a piece of foam in the center, covering it with the shells and add your stems so that they poke up through the top of the container.

  • Shells make a lifelong keepsake when paired with dried flowers or moss. Try the previous ideas but use dry Sahara foam, and dried flowers, herbs, and branches to create lasting gifts that kids will love displaying.

Don't shy away from flowers when looking for a gift to mark a child's birthday or for a graduation gift. These five floral ideas make excellent gifts for young friends, and many older friends will love them too. To learn more, contact a company like Fasan Florist with any questions you have.