The Joys of Buying an Older HomeThe Joys of Buying an Older Home

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The Joys of Buying an Older Home

My dream home was not new construction in a planned community. It was a rambling old structure in a neighborhood that was beginning to recover after years of decline. I got the place for a song and started in on all the tasks associated with restoring it to new glory. I soon found there was a lot to do. While the house was sound, it needed to be fumigated after several years of standing vacant. All the tile needed replacing, and the floors cried out for refinishing. Little by little, I got the place ready for me to move in. Today, I like to think it is the nicest home on the block. If you are thinking of buying a fixer-upper, try my tips. From redoing the wallpaper to choosing the right pest control service, what I learned will save you a lot of time and trouble.



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Why You Need Concrete Flooring In Your Sunroom

When you add a sunroom to your home, you have to think about what kind of flooring you want to install. One great option is installing a concrete floor. Why, you ask? There are a number of reasons that you should go with concrete over carpet, wood or tile.

Sun Exposure

Obviously, the flooring in a sunroom must be able to withstand extreme sun exposure. Sure, the windows offer some UV protection, but the amount of sun that will shine through all of those windows is more than enough to damage wood, carpeting and even tile. Concrete on the other hand can withstand all of the abuse the sun sends its way.

Moisture Exposure

Do you plan to keep some or several plants in your sunroom? If so, those plants can create a lot of moisture each day. Wood flooring and carpeting cannot hold up well in moist climates, so they should never be used in such a scenario. Concrete will do very well for many years once it is sealed.


Concrete is one of the most affordable options when it comes to flooring. Everything from the initial install to the maintenance over the years is far more affordable than your other flooring options. Every few years, the concrete may need cleaned and resealed (you can buy concrete sealer online for this), but other than that, you won't have to worry about any kind of special care.


Unlike carpeting, hardwoods and tile, the options that you have for design, color and style are limitless. Concrete can be stained, stamped and scraped to create the exact look that you want in your sunroom. Virtually any color can be mixed to shade the concrete to the exact shade that you picture in your sunroom.

If you have your mind set on wood flooring in your sunroom, concrete can still be an option. There are tools and techniques to make concrete look just like hardwood floors without all of the drawbacks that come with it. A skilled concrete contractor will use stamps, tools, stains and techniques to make the flooring look exactly as if it was real wood, but you won't have to worry about the sun or moisture damage that the wood would sustain.

If these points are convincing enough to persuade you to consider concrete flooring in your sunroom, contact your local concrete contractor to discuss all of your options and find the finish that will please you the most.