The Joys of Buying an Older HomeThe Joys of Buying an Older Home

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The Joys of Buying an Older Home

My dream home was not new construction in a planned community. It was a rambling old structure in a neighborhood that was beginning to recover after years of decline. I got the place for a song and started in on all the tasks associated with restoring it to new glory. I soon found there was a lot to do. While the house was sound, it needed to be fumigated after several years of standing vacant. All the tile needed replacing, and the floors cried out for refinishing. Little by little, I got the place ready for me to move in. Today, I like to think it is the nicest home on the block. If you are thinking of buying a fixer-upper, try my tips. From redoing the wallpaper to choosing the right pest control service, what I learned will save you a lot of time and trouble.



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How A Cleaning Service Helps Control Your Allergies

When you have a busy lifestyle, it's difficult to keep up with house cleaning. You may keep clutter picked up, but deep cleaning usually takes a back seat to your other activities. If you have allergies, keeping your home clean is very important because it may help reduce your symptoms when you keep dust and mold under control. The easiest way to keep your house as free from allergens as possible when you don't have time to clean is to hire a cleaning service. Here's how a service can help control your allergies.

Deep Cleaning Of Dust

You can create a custom cleaning plan with the service so you get the help you need as often as you need it to keep your house free from dust. One thing the service will do is dust all the areas you don't usually get to such as baseboards, cabinet tops, ceiling fans, window sills, books, and figurines. You can do your part by keeping clutter in storage bins so there are fewer things in your home to collect dust. This includes things like stuffed animals and off-season clothing.

Mold And Mildew Prevention

Keeping your home dry is important to controlling mold and mildew. A cleaning service, like NorthStar Cleaning & Property Services, can check and clean under all your sinks to keep an eye out for dampness. Your refrigerator is another place that needs frequent cleaning to prevent the growth of mold. The inside should be washed down regularly and the rubber gasket should also be cleaned since the grooves are breeding grounds for germs and mold. If mold does begin to grow in your home, it's best to let the cleaning service take care of removing it, so you don't expose yourself to the allergens unnecessarily. If you do attempt to clean mold or mildew, be sure to work in a ventilated area and wear a mask for protection against breathing mold spores.

Reduce Your Exposure To Released Allergens

One important reason to hire a cleaning service is they can come in during the day while you're at work, so you aren't exposed to allergens stirred up during cleaning. You'll want the service to use HEPA filters to trap allergens when vacuuming, and to use a damp dust cloth to grab dust rather than shake it around. Still, dust and pollen will be dispersed into the air. If you clean your home yourself, you should wear a mask and consider leaving your home for a few hours to wait for the allergens to clear out or settle down. You can avoid that inconvenience by having your home cleaned while you are away, so it is ready to enter by the time you get home.

While you may not want your entire home deep cleaned on a weekly basis if it doesn't need it, you should have the cleaning service focus on cleaning your bedroom each time they visit. Since you spend a lot of time in that room, you want it to be as allergen-free as possible.