The Joys of Buying an Older HomeThe Joys of Buying an Older Home

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The Joys of Buying an Older Home

My dream home was not new construction in a planned community. It was a rambling old structure in a neighborhood that was beginning to recover after years of decline. I got the place for a song and started in on all the tasks associated with restoring it to new glory. I soon found there was a lot to do. While the house was sound, it needed to be fumigated after several years of standing vacant. All the tile needed replacing, and the floors cried out for refinishing. Little by little, I got the place ready for me to move in. Today, I like to think it is the nicest home on the block. If you are thinking of buying a fixer-upper, try my tips. From redoing the wallpaper to choosing the right pest control service, what I learned will save you a lot of time and trouble.



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Tips For Keeping Your Patio Cool With Enhancements To The Patio Cover

In order for your patio to be the ideal space to spend the summer in your own backyard, it's important that you have a way to keep it cool so that you're not at risk of being sunburnt or overheating while outside. To make your patio a comfortable space to spend time in when the weather heats up, consider the following tips for cooling it down.

Choose a Cover That Extends Over the Entire Patio

The patio cover is one of the best ways to provide extra shade that can drastically cool down your patio. The styles of patio covers is numerous, including pergolas, retractable awnings, and even oversized umbrellas. To determine which style is best for your patio, consider the overall look of your backyard, the versatility you want, and your desired budget.

With this information in mind, you'll be able to choose a patio cover that works ideally for your yard.

Add Water Misters to the Top of the Cover

Even with plenty of shade for your patio, it can still be too hot in the middle of the summer. An easy way to combat this is by getting misters installed along the top of the cover. By having misters turned on, you can enjoy cool water being misted below and turn your patio into a refreshing space to spend time in during the summer.

Make Sure the Cover Successfully Blocks Out Sunlight

With all of your options for patio covers, you'll likely notice that some materials are more transparent than others. In order for your patio to stay cool, look for covers that do a thorough job of blocking out sunlight so that your patio remains cool and isn't going to become overheated.

Consider Adding Plants for Extra Shade

For extra shade in your patio, consider the benefits of getting plants put in that grow alongside canopies. If your patio has a wooden trellis top or sides, you can have vines climbing along them to provide extra shade. Not only will it help cool down your patio to have these plants growing around your patio cover, it can also help improve the look dramatically.

As you look into how you can cool down your patio with the installation of a patio cover, it's crucial that you take the time to look into which styles stand out the most to you and what will provide the most relief from the heat once installed. 

To learn more about patio covers, contact a company like Dura-Kool Aluminum Products