The Joys of Buying an Older HomeThe Joys of Buying an Older Home

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The Joys of Buying an Older Home

My dream home was not new construction in a planned community. It was a rambling old structure in a neighborhood that was beginning to recover after years of decline. I got the place for a song and started in on all the tasks associated with restoring it to new glory. I soon found there was a lot to do. While the house was sound, it needed to be fumigated after several years of standing vacant. All the tile needed replacing, and the floors cried out for refinishing. Little by little, I got the place ready for me to move in. Today, I like to think it is the nicest home on the block. If you are thinking of buying a fixer-upper, try my tips. From redoing the wallpaper to choosing the right pest control service, what I learned will save you a lot of time and trouble.



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Six Clever Kitchen Back-Splashes That You Can Create Yourself

A great way to change the looks of your kitchen is by replacing your current back-splash. The back-splash area, behind the counter and appliances, can add a distinct touch and unique detail to the room. While many contractors offer some inventive and innovative ideas for replacing these kitchen fixtures, there are also some unique ideas that you can install yourself.

Six clever back-splash ideas include:


Home improvement stores sell beautiful tiles in a wide-range of colors and materials that are easy to install. Many of these are self-sticking tiles, which make grout or mortar moot. Be sure to use a level and a ruler to ensure linear cuts and straight tiling. If you choose to use real tiles, however, you can contact a tile installation company like Art Tile Co. Inc. to do the job for you.


The beauty of using mirrored materials in a space is that it can make the room look larger. This also extends to the back-splash of your kitchen. Find adhesive mirrored tiles in small sizes from a crafting store, or more conventional sizes at a home improvement vendor.


Another unique idea is to get your kids in on the action. Have them paint or stencil on basic ceramic tiles to give your back-splash a personalized, kid-friendly appearance. Paint pens might be the perfect way to make this an easy and relatively clean process.


Laminated photos, maps, and tickets make interesting and intriguing back-splash accents. These can be laminated and then adhered to the wall or tiles above your counters. Create a theme using cherished pictures or shots from a family vacation.

Wine labels

Wine labels are a nifty way to spruce-up the back-splashes of your kitchen. These could be the same label, mixed in with solid-color tiles or adhesives, or they might include a mix of several different varietals. These typically stick to the wall or surface with a glue.


Think outside the box when it comes to your back-splash. Try something different and integrate mixed-media into your kitchen. One idea is to recycle wooden rulers to create a wooden back-splash that is easy to install and cheap to implement.

The back-splash may highlight the flooring, colors, or other features of your space, which also provides you with the opportunity of bringing flair and cohesion to your kitchen. Try one of these six clever ideas to update and replace your own kitchen back-splash. Enhancing the kitchen is always a good investment of your time, resources, and energy, as it is commonly one of the favorite places to spend time in at home.